Long overdue Barcelona post.
For me, Barcelona has everything you could wish from a city. From modern lifestyle to gothic architecture to the sea. It is the perfect combination of elements.I recommend this accommodation: This amazing apartment right in the heart of the city. With friendly hosts, amazing location and beautiful interior. Here ; Things to see: Allow yourself to get lost in Barcelona!Feelings: culture, love, warmth, diversity, friendship, perfection, all in one.Thank you Laura for your companionship!



    Trascau Mai 2017



pictures from this cool instagram page - Vascularizat



Image I took in Rimetea- Alba, summer of 2016. Rico ( during the Rimetea Open Climbing Festival)

Home, there are no better words to express my love for you:

"Happy birthday to you, Romania. I have learnt to love all your layers, your mess and your order, your good and your bad. Thank you for your faith and your courage, for your weakness and your absurd. You are many worlds at the same time, and this is why my heart is still yours."



Image taken in Alba, Sagagea by Ziggy 
Let's vote for one of these great romanians I was talking about in my previous "Radacini" post! Vote for Ziggy in the Fjallraven contest HERE